Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Ve Bola Family

Ve Bola is an interactive video queuing software. This concept was born out of our combined experience in computers, music, and entertainment. Pictured left to right, Bobby Blair (designer/co-founder), Lyndsay Cummins (admin), Terressa Nordstrom (Creator/founder), Bobby Benton (Partner), and front Ryan Cummins (support).

Bobby Benton and Terressa currently claim a local “hole in the wall” venue called Nos Bar located in Azle as well as a Trim and Spray Foam Insulation company.  They partnered together with Bobby Blair to bring Ve Bola to light.  The pairing has been magical with the latest version offering smart phone applications.  With the help of Ms. Nordstrom’s children Lyndsay and Ryan, who each have extensive service experience, the goal has been achieved.

Ve Bola officially launched nationally February 2015 with venues in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida.  In addition to venues we welcome home users, the service is free and fun for all ages.  We are truly blessed to have the amazing community of Fort Worth as home.


  1. This software is dead. check out http://sobro.net for the real deal.

  2. openjuke.com is where you wanna be