Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Clay Family

In 1984, the Lee Clay family was able to invest in a ranch, which had been settled by and operated by the same family for 3 generations.  It’s history was apparent with original log cabin, barns, fencing,  beautiful surrounding hills and  spring fed creeks leading to the headwaters of the Puluxy River.  It was named the 4C Ranch by Lee, Alan, Charlotte and Courtney Clay. A new brand was created-the 4 and the C were placed together so as a cross held the brand together:   “With Christ, all things are possible”, has been our family’s motto.

Lee was a practicing CPA at the time.  He retired in 2005 to be a full time rancher.  Both daughters married wonderful men and had started their own families by 2000.   Alan continues doing what she can as Lee’s ‘Domestic Engineer’ and Mimi, the grandmother.  Lee is now Boppy/Poppy.

The thirteen of us continue making memories together at the 4C Ranch.  Pictured in the portrait are grouped on left: Jeff, Charlotte, Brent, Ashlee, Sarah and Caleb Buell.  Alan and Lee in center. On right: Todd, Courtney, Ashton, Sawyer and Caroline Breeding.

Even with family fun together, all three families remain active in Fort Worth in their activities with education, work, play, friends and church.

These years of growing have brought many trials and blessings.  These changes and challenges have been experienced as we continue to see the natural beauty working together to inspire us to be dedicated workers wherever we awake---city or country.

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