Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Collier Family

Metta and John B Collier, IV, shown with their children and grandchildren at the Collier Diamond C Red Angus Ranch Headquarters, Stephenville, Texas.

It is a great honor for the Diamond C Ranch to be celebrating seventy-six years in the ranching business. In 1939, Ruth and John B Collier, Jr. bought property eight miles north of Stephenville, Texas, starting the Collier Diamond C ranching operation. To think back where the ranch has been and where we are headed is truly a point of pride for the entire Collier family. We are proud of our rich heritage and for the opportunity to celebrate our past, but even more excited as we look towards our future. We will continue our commitment to excellence; breeding the highest and best performance  cattle in the beef industry while, also, continuing to provide quality animals for our valued customers. We are excited about the future of the cattle business and eager to continue playing a major role in the changes the beef industry will make in the years to come.

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